Blog entry Friday, June 10, 2005
Beyond Interpretation
The last Field of the current series came together on the 8th May. I have a second hand memory of it as I was incapacitated on my living floor. What was happening? A group of people bringing themselves to a place, changing and being changed. Clashing and merging. The creation of a space. What is a space?
Thanks to Doreen Massey for being part of the space (see her book For Space), and discussing this question. Maybe it is a spectrum of ever changing boundaries, which are themselves ephemeral. Not contained within the space but actually the creators of it, defining it. Are we together? When is it a group? When is the outside allowed in? When can we acknowledge otherness.
There are no performers or audience, everyone brings there own reality, their changing trajectory. There is not a unified intent. There is nothing being done to anyone. But people are doing, and this involves others. Sometimes we are doing with others, but also sometimes in a different world. Same space, different world. Avoiding interpretation.
Blog entry Thursday, November 10, 2005
found thoughts
(found on a piece of paper in the room)
- Part performance, part playing with
the audience.
- Last time great! - beautiful lots of high
tension - hard to be
listening and watch of selve and
others with so much stimulations -
(especially downstairs) - lots of excitement
great images - high energy -
down stairs - slower quieter moments lift
more stillness for me.
- the end of play, the end of performance
what happens - it felt
very incomplete and unsatisfying
the end last time - we search
for ends - as audience -
when we end play - we what do
we do when we finish playing
we walk away, we leave the space,
something breaks, there’s no more left,
we’re tired - we sit down, we eat drink,
we put on coats, we say goodbye -
someone gets punch, everyone dissolves
in laughter, she starts crying.
we all look at one another and know
someone shuts the box
Penny tidies up
we all tidy up and have a meeting -
someone brings in tea and biscuits
someone leaves shouting
Half the people cheer and sign they
have was when the whistle blows.
There silence and stillness - everything stops
and then what if theres no-one to clap.
pam gilmore
rachel cockburn
jane munro
matt davis
doreen massey
simon hyde
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