The blurb that appeared in the blog in an attempt to describe the project in a paragraph was this:

Field is a live art project which looks at space and spaces. Field is a controvertible space: one that refuses to prioritise interpretation before experience. To ask “What is it? Is it this or that”, is pointless. The answer could always be yes or no, so it is always nothing. Field does not exclude the possibility of other times and other places. It is a story with no plot and no resolution. There is no clarified gameplan or artefact, and has no distinct ideas to validate it. Each Field event is unique, running to no preconceived, overlying structure.

First Field - Constanza Brncic, Can Serrat, near Barcelona. April 2001

Field started off as a desire to place improvised dance and music in the same space, and became a live art/performance research project which necessarily avoided interpretation as one, or multiple, specific disciplines. It was supported by the Artists Program at Chisenhale Dance Space in 2005 and 2006.

Finally, Field became a discussion and attempt to create something which recognises space as being, in itself, a collection of spaces - and that these spaces can be defined as ongoing, ‘always being made’, unfinished stories. The performance, or space, of each person is neither separate from, nor unified with, those of others. Whatever each person’s activity is - it would be happening anyway without the gaze of an audience, and the motives for their activity or actions are never clear, never divulged. So the stories are never finished and the piece is never resolved, there is no unifying idea to take away. There is no front or back to the performance space - which is created as it goes along by the performers. There is no specific start or end. It’s things being, and then being together. A ‘potential space’ of a multiplicity of possibilities... of what can be held and acknowledged in one event.

About 50 artists, or possibly more I think, performed in the Field series, but I would like to mention Pam Gilmore, Tim Jeeves, Rachael Cockburn, Yumino Seki, Scopac (Rob Flint), Jane Munro, Doreen Massey and Rajni Shah for being particularly generous with there time and inspiration.

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a proper afternoon




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Field concert series and music/dance performances



19 mins

as part of the FIELD project.


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Hastings field


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